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Re: random topics

Howard Chu wrote:
> Some of these should go onto the roadmap or TODO list. Just scribbling
> them down here before I forget.
> Had a chat with tridge and abartlet about the LDAP TXN support they're
> looking for with Samba4. One of their requirements was being able to do
> reads inside the TXN, and that is explicitly not supported by the LDAP
> TXN draft. But after talking a bit more about how they do things in LDB,
> we decided to take the same approach here - LDB only allows one writer
> when a TXN is active. We can write a (global) overlay that gives this
> same behavior, and then not have to worry about any of the other TXN
> details.

Interesting.  Just out of curiosity, this won't change or expand the core spec since it's going to be implemented as an
overlay, correct?

> While thinking about back-mdb, I realized that since we're mapping
> storage to memory we don't really need a traditional disk-DB structure.
> Instead we can just manage the space as its own heap and use in-memory
> structures like AVL trees and such. I've been thinking about extending
> our current AVL library to a T-tree implementation. Further reading
> along those lines led me to Cache-Sensitive T-trees (CST-Trees) which
> also have the important property of being friendly to CPU cacheline
> sizes, and so behaving a lot better in multi-processor systems. This is
> a pretty generic project - if anyone's been looking for a relatively
> self-contained bit of work they could contribute, this would be ideal.
> You can get the paper here:
> http://ids.snu.ac.kr/wiki/CST-Trees:_Cache_Sensitive_T-Trees

Thanks for the reference.  Anything in particular you think would help acclimate those unfamiliar with the existing code
base to our current AVL libraries and implementations?

> Also a completely fringe topic, but still interesting - we've got
> OpenLDAP running well on Android now; on a G1 phone. But it's still just
> a set of command-line tools. UnboundID showed off their Java LDAP SDK in
> a simple app also running on Android. A combination of these two would
> make an extremely powerful package:
> Develop a canned slapd config that uses syncrepl to sync with a remote
> LDAP address book. Use proxied multimaster, to allow local changes to be
> propagated back to the remote directory. Write a java app that uses LDAP
> for the G1's contact book backend instead of the SQLite ****stuff that
> it's currently using. Accomplishing this will necessitate writing a few
> GUI menus for configuring the handful of variables needed for the slapd
> config.

Neat!  I'd love to configure my G1 to behave this way.  So, is there an open invitation to brainstorm/make suggestions
for/write a GUI front-end in collaboration with the Project's developers (mostly for their approval, review, et cetera)?

> More ideas later...

All really good stuff, Howard, thanks for sharing it!  Wish I could have been there, sounds like it was a really
interesting collection of dialogues.  Looking forward to hearing more from you and the other attendees!