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Fwd: Re: Plans for OpenLDAP 2.4?

Any thoughts on adding libldif as an installed library? I don't see it having any particular stability impact for our code, but it may give packagers a bit of heartburn if we add a new library in the middle of a release stream.

re: MozNSS multi-init support - we have already been rolling the MozNSS code into RE24, but we've been omitting the configure switches for it because the code is still incomplete. Multi-init is one of the key features needed before this code will be safe for use by general applications. The issue of ciphersuite management still needs to be addressed as well. (The current code is usable, under very controlled circumstances...)

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Subject: Re: Plans for OpenLDAP 2.4?
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2009 15:38:17 -0600
From: Rich Megginson <rmeggins@redhat.com>
Organization: Sec Eng (Directory Server)
To: Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com>

Howard Chu wrote:
Rich Megginson wrote:
Do you have a date after which 2.4 branch development will be closed for
new enhancements?  We have 2 more features which we would like to get
into OpenLDAP in order to be able to use it in our projects:
1) support for NSS multi-init - the guy working on this has a prototype
working and has submitted the code to NSS upstream - no ETA yet
2) support for libldif

How much time do we have in order to get these features into the 2.4

It seems like we can add both of those without destabilizing any of
the existing code, so it should be OK. A 2.4.18 release candidate is
being tested now so it's probably too late for this cut. I'll raise
this question on the openldap-devel list.
Ok.  Thanks.