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Re: UUID external format

Kurt Zeilenga wrote:

On Aug 14, 2009, at 9:18 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
When the UUID is transfered in the Syncrepl cookies, it's as a
String, not as a byte[] (with a format like xxx-yyyy-zzzz, kindof).
Is there any reason not to transfer the UUID as a byte[] ?

Syncrepl is built upon LDAP Content Sync, RFC 4533, carries syncUUID
values in entryUUID fields.  This field ought to be transferred as 16-
type long OCTET STRING.   The string representation discussed in RFC
4530 is not applicable.  That is, the on the wire encoding of a
entryUUID field in LDAP sync is not the same as the encoding of the
entryUUID attribute.

When LDAP sync was originally implemented, this is the way it was
(IIRC).  If the RFC 4533 LDAP string encoding, or other string
encoding, is being used, I would consider it to be a bug.

As far as I can see in our code and on the wire, we're using the binary format in the controls, exactly as RFC4533 states.

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