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Re: slapd/acl.c: using "filter=()" in an acl does not trigger an overlay's search callback

Daniel wrote:

my experimental overlay intercepts search requests and modifies the
filter-expressions (e.g. removes/expand AND|OR). Therefore the overlay
modifies "struct Filter op->ors_filter" on the fly, handles memory
(op->o_tmpmemctx/filter_free) and so on. It works fine, currently no
memleaks (valgrind) etc and I would like contribute it (once it's
finished... ;-) )

To get the maximum flexibility out of the current prototyp I'm looking
after a solution to have my overlay intercept the following "search", too:

access to filter=(description=editMe)
     by self write
     by * none

The ACL's filter seems not to "fire" a search request because in acl.c
lines 704 to 709 "test_filter(NULL, e, a->acl_filter)" get's called
directly. This results in bypassing the overlay's search callback. Was
this for performance reasons?

Are there any chances to replace "test_filter()" by some kind of
slapd_internal_search() in a way to enable overlay stack processing, for
this internal search?


Any sort of advice is very welcome - I just want
to experiment with this, but currently I'm lost, regarding the right

Try intercepting bi_access_allowed().

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