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Re: ber_ptrlen() should return ber_len_t

masarati@aero.polimi.it writes:
> In fact, it makes no sense that ber_ptr < ber_buf; if it happens, the
> BerElement is corrupted, and an assertion failure may be more appropriate.
>  Right now, no test is done, and the (trivial) function could be replaced
> with a macro...  Since this is part of the private API, its change should
> be harmless.  Also, it should be renamed ber_int_ptrlen().

Leave this for RE25 or later.  Many of the ber functions could use such
a change.  Changing just one which happens not to be exported makes
little difference.  See the comments I added in encode.c, for example.

Also, remember that we often subtract pointers, so possibly we should
make max(ber_slen_t) the supported maximum instead of max(ber_len_t).