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OL2.3 vs OL2.4 perf issues

I've been spending some time perf testing OL 2.4 in relation to OL 2.3. Unfortunately, RE24 is noticeably slower than 2.3 was. Results of simple auth testing with slamd show:

OL 2.3: 21,745 auths/second

OL 2.4: 15,733 auths/second

So OL 2.4 is 6,000 auths/second (aka 12,000 searches/second) slower than 2.3. I.e., 27% slower.

Howard committed a patch that slightly helps some situations, and Hallvard has a rewrite of part of the lber library that I've been testing that he'll commit soon. That helps somewhat:

OL 2.4 with howard and hallvard's patches: 17,086 auths/second.

That still leaves us over 4,500 auths/second (or 9000 searches/second) slower than RE2.3. I.e., 21.5% slower. Which is quite a substantial gap.



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