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Re: current RE24 experience

--On Monday, May 11, 2009 9:06 AM -0400 Aaron Richton <richton@nbcs.rutgers.edu> wrote:

I've had a spurt of bad luck with 2.4.16 (it appears Quanah and a few
others may share that opinion). The seg faults inspired me to run under
libumem, which has some interesting features that give you "moderate"
debug ability in exchange for moderate performance hit -- small enough
that I can run it hot safely, unlike full-featured memory debuggers.

At this point a RE24 checkout from late Saturday has been good for me in
production, with some moderate libumem checks enabled. Is everybody else
starting to see RE24 shape up? Bottom line...I think I'm now +1 for
encouraging a 2.4.17 train, for what it's worth...

Overall, RE24 looks a lot better than 2.4.16, yes. There's still a nasty BDB deadlock that's cropped up for two of us now, that really needs figuring out.



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