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Re: configurable keepalive setting through libldap?

Ralf Haferkamp writes:
> Btw, you mentioned that sending Abandon 0 will be sufficient as a no-op. How's 
> that going to work?

It's a no-op, thus it can be sent when you just want to send some message:

* The Abandon request has no reponse.
* rfc4511 §4.11: "Servers MUST discard Abandon requests for messageIDs
  they do not recognize, for operations that cannot be abandoned, (...)
* No request may have Message ID 0 (§; 0 is reserved for
  Unsolicited Notifications.  Yet Message IDs are just defined as
  0..2^^31-1, so abandon(0) is not a protocolError.
Thus abandon(0) is a no-op.

I can imagine some implementation treating it as protocolError anyway
though.  It's not as if everyone agrees what the letter of the standard
means, and follow it to the letter.