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Re: configurable keepalive setting through libldap?

> Hi,
> since quite some time libldap enables tcp-keepalive, e.g. to detected
> dangling
> syncrepl connections. However the default timeout of two hours that most
> systems are using might be a bit too long for some applications (e.g. I
> had a
> problem lately were nscd didn't answer queries anymore because nss_ldap
> was
> blocking in SSL_read() while the underlying connection has been cut off).
> On
> the other hand messing with the system wide settings might no be a good
> idea
> either. On Linux it is possible to configure the keepalive settings on a
> per
> socket basis through the TCP_KEEP* socket options.
> Would it be worth adding ldap_set_option() support for those, even if they
> are
> not really portable?

I think it would; for archs that do not support it, it could do nothing
(and log accordingly, just in case).