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Re: ITS#4829, creating olcDbDirectory

Howard Chu writes:
> For backends that support the olcDbDirectory keyword, we should also
> define a write-only olcDbMkdir attribute. If it's provided when
> ldapadd'ing an olcDatabase entry, or when ldapmodifying, then its
> values are treated as pathnames that we will attempt to create before
> processing any other parts of the request. This attribute would not be
> persisted in the cn=config backing store, so it will only take effect
> on dynamic operations, not when reloading the config on a subsequent
> startup.

This sounds equivalent to a control, but in a more convenient format
Which sounds good to me, but I think this should be visible from the
attribute name and maybe OID arc.  E.g. names starting with 'olcCtrl'.

I'm not quite sure why not persist it, however.  auto-mkdir during
a possibly failed attempt to load a config would be excessive, but
the mkdirs could be delayed until the new database is opened.

Actually, there could be an ;openldap-ephemeral option which (if
supported for an attribute+backend) would prevent it from being stored.

> It may still be worthwhile to provide a global setting defining the
> filesystem locations that are allowed to be used. (Of course, anyone
> with back-config's rootdn credentials can set it to anything they
> want, anyway.)

Well, I still think that "of course" part would make more sense if it
was reversed.  A small metaconfig file outside slapd, which would be
unavailable or read-only under cn=config.  Though that doesn't preclude
another meatconfig level which can be written via cn=config.