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Re: Please test RE24 (3/18/2009 call for testing)

Aaron Richton wrote:
On Sat, 21 Mar 2009, Howard Chu wrote:

I presume that the lockup is in server 3 / slapd.3.log ... ?

Hmm. Actually, what caught my eye is slapd.1 / slapd.2, which are both livelocked. But now that you mention it, slapd.3 appears deadlocked...

In backtrace.0 there are two threads t@6 and t@7 spinning on
ldap_pvt_thread_yield, can you go up one frame and print si, *si in each

I overwrote the tarball:


and it now has backtrace.slapd{1,2,3,4} that correspond by server number.
backtrace.0 is now backtrace.slapd1, and includes *si/si.

Thanks, fixed now in HEAD.

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