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Re: test039: ldap_search_ext_s(cn=Database 1, cn=Databases, cn=Monitor): No such object (32)

Michael Ströder wrote:
Why are there so many messages like this when running
test039-glue-ldap-concurrency in RE24?

slapd-read PID=25003: ldap_search_ext_s(cn=Database
1,cn=Databases,cn=Monitor): No such object (32)
	matched: cn=Databases,cn=Monitor

That's correct (I assume), although I didn't notice it earlier. Database #1 is subordinate, so it does not show up in back-monitor. Probably it should, since back-monitor's purpose is to monitor the status of slapd regardless of its configuration. An indication of the fact that it's shadowed should appear, though (e.g. an indication of the superior database).


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