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Re: commit: ldap/libraries/librewrite rewrite-int.h

Howard Chu wrote:
libraries/liblunicode/ure.o: free malloc calloc realloc

Unicode regular expressions. None of our code uses this module.

libraries/liblutil/meter.o: free calloc

Self-contained. Also only used by slapadd.

libraries/liblutil/passwd.o: free

Was only used #ifdef CRYPT so I missed this before, fixed now.

libraries/liblutil/sha1.o: malloc

Inside lutil_SHA1End, never used in our code. It appears to be part of a set of wrappers tacked on to the base SHA1 hash implementation. Perhaps we should delete these wrappers since we never use them.

libraries/librewrite/rewrite.o: free

rewrite.c is standalone, not linked into anything else.

Might have to look at those...

servers/slapd/alock.o: free calloc

Self-contained, the memory is never freed by anything else. But for consistency should probably use ch_* instead.

Actually ber_mem*, but not important.

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