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Re: commit: ldap/libraries/librewrite rewrite-int.h

hyc@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
>	rewrite-int.h  1.24 -> 1.25
> ITS#6005 librewrite must use the same mem allocators as slapd

If you are killing C free/mallocs, here are some others from 'nm *.o'
to look at.  I don't have time at the moment.  Hopefully most are
malloced/freed by the same code, not passed to/from ber memory.

clients/tools/common.o:         free malloc
clients/tools/ldapcompare.o:    free malloc
clients/tools/ldappasswd.o:     free
clients/tools/ldapsearch.o:     free malloc        realloc
clients/tools/ldapurl.o:        free               realloc
libraries/liblber/memory.o:     free malloc calloc realloc
libraries/libldap/test.o:       free malloc calloc realloc
libraries/libldap_r/test.o:     free malloc calloc realloc
libraries/liblunicode/ure.o:    free malloc calloc realloc
libraries/liblutil/meter.o:     free        calloc
libraries/liblutil/passwd.o:    free
libraries/liblutil/sha1.o:           malloc
libraries/librewrite/rewrite.o: free
servers/slapd/alock.o:          free        calloc
servers/slapd/sl_malloc.o:                         realloc
tests/progs/slapd-addel.o:           malloc calloc realloc
tests/progs/slapd-bind.o:       free               realloc
tests/progs/slapd-read.o:       free malloc
tests/progs/slapd-search.o:                        realloc
tests/progs/slapd-tester.o:          malloc calloc