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Re: autoconf

Howard Chu wrote:
> Prior to ITS#5888 we have been using autoconf 2.59 to generate our 
> configure script. During the commits of #5888 autoconf 2.61 was used. Is 
> there any particular reason to stick to 2.59, or to change to 2.61, at 
> this point in time?

Not that I know.  Also I wonder if other autotool-files can be updated:
build/ltmain.sh, build/build/config.guess etc.

IIRC I looked at updating them once, but they are patched versions and I
didn't know who patched them for what.  Maybe FreeBSD patches from
Kurt's machine.  Nor could I test if using an unpatched version breaks

Anyway, it might be best to use clean autotools when rebuilding config
files, to avoid mysteries like that.