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Re: hide attribute

Pierangelo Masarati <ando@sys-net.it> wrote:

> The suggested "feature", on the contrary, seems to be a little bit more
> linear: the administrator decides that some attributes (e.g. bandwidth
> intensive ones) are not shown by default, unless explicitly requested.
> I see a parallel with soft and hard search limits: the soft limit 
> applies, unless a specifically requested limit is present.  In that 
> case, the requested limit applies, provided it complies with the hard limit.

I wonder what is the best way of implementing such an overlay:

1) search with attrsonly=1 before the real search
if attribute list is NULL and attrsonly=0 {
        perform searches with attrsonly=1
        gather le list of returned attributes
        filter out the cloaked ones
        modify the original search operation to use that attribute set
perform the search

2) set a callback on search operations
if attribute list is NULL and attrsonly=0 {
        set a callback on search
perform the search
if called back {
        filter out cloaked attributes

Approach one duplicate the search, and it can waste some time, but it
avoid fetching the cloaked attribute. If it is dynamically generated,
there can be some benefit.

Emmanuel Dreyfus