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Re: moduleload <statically linked module>

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
Could we make "moduleload<statically linked module>" valid if the
module name contains no "." or directory separator?  Or introduce a
new "module" keyword which works that way?

libtool supports building statically linked modules. The original module support built things that way, but that was too confusing, so we stopped doing that. (The enable-<backend> switch used to require a second switch; when you set --enable-bdb=mod you had to also select bdb-module=static or dynamic. Far too cumbersome.)

That would simplify slapd.conf scripting, and documentation examples
could simply include moduleload and would be correct without any
caveats about whether the modules are statically linked.

Also, moduleload seems to take an undocumented argument list which
is passed to the module init routine.  See module.c:module_load().
That ought to work whether or not the module is dynamically loaded.
I don't think it does now.

Right. But since what it does now means module_load isn't called for the statically linked code, that's obvious.
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