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Re: slapadd performance degradation from 2.3.43 to 2.4.12

I wrote:
>Howard Chu writes:
>> That was to prevent the signal from being lost. Though I suppose it
>> doesn't matter, since the signal would get sent again soon enough.
> If it's lost, that'll usually be because memp_trickle() is busily
> flusing pages.  It won't return until it has nothing to do, in
> which case immediately calling it again won't be very useful.

...unless the doc is inaccurate.  __memp_trickle() first computes the
number of "buffers" to clear, and then calls __memp_sync_int() to clear
them.  It does not loop if more dirty pages have arrived during the
__memp_sync_int() call.  OTOH __memp_sync_int() may be magical enough
to do so, I haven't tried to figure out how it works.