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Re: MS AD <-> OpenLDAP

Gavin Henry wrote:
----- "marcelo xavier"<marcelo.xavier@caixa.gov.br>  wrote:


Iâm developing a MS Active Directory plug-in to replicate users and
passwords to OpenLDAP

The main objective is improve migration from MS AD to OpenLDAP

Have anyone interest on this?

This project can make part off OpenLdap solution or not?


There have been many discussions about this throughout the years. Your best bet is
to browse our archives and also read:


But please bear in mind that if it was a trivial job it would have been done already ;-)

No need to scare him. Password synchronization *is* a trivial job.

Full synchronization is a little more effort, but there's nothing complex about it. A simple translation of a few attributes is all it would take to make syncrepl work.

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