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Re: Trivial build fixes for addpartial

David Hawes wrote:
Buchan Milne wrote:
I should have reported this when I first enabled addpartial (but it was most
likely near distribution release time ...), but I had patched the Makefile to
build more sanely:


Since some things have now been fixed (but others not), I had to re-diff to
address the outstanding items:

1)-fPIC is required in LDFLAGS to build on x86_64
(I didn't check to see if there's a more portable way)

I have some changes to addpartial that I will be adding to the ITS in the near future (http://www.openldap.org/its/index.cgi/Contrib?id=3593). I'll be sure to include that in the diff.

At this point just submit a new ITS. The original work you submitted was committed, #3593 is closed.

2)I don't see a reason to call the overlay addpartial-overlay, we all know it
is an overlay.


The name is definitely redundant.

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