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Re: commit: ldap/doc/man/man5 slapd-bdb.5

Howard Chu writes:
>> Probably most useful if you have several "identical" servers on
>> different OSes, with a common slapd.conf from CVS or whatever.
>> But even then one needs two almost-identical configurations: for
>> the master and for slaves.  Unless they are all (multi-)masters.
> Yes, that's precisely the type of scenario that worries me the
> most. Which is one argument for keeping the default hardcoded to 4K
> instead of letting BDB decide.

If that's worrisome it sounds like filename parameter = "*" would be
useful, so one at least gets the same size for all files.  And so one
can configure "I want <fixed vs filesystem> blocksize" in one sweep.

> That eliminates any ambiguity, and means that you can safely tune them
> all identically, because the underlying assumptions would be the same.

Whether that's a bug or a feature depends on your goals.  One reason to
use several OSes is redundancy.  Some bugs/problems only show up on some
OSes, compilers, or whatever.

In any case, one such assumption would differ: "database block size ==
filesystem blocksize".  Which may not matter for the back-bdb code, but
it matters for database administration and maybe the Berkeley DB code.