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Re: StartTLS URL extension

Philip Guenther wrote:
> I agree that ldap_initialize() should 
> behave as it currently does, setting up the handle but not opening any 
> connections.

So this would need ldap_initialize() to defer calling ldap_start_tls().
I don't think that's what Pierangelo has in mind.

> Hmm, StartTLS implies/requires protocol version 3.  It seems unfortunate 
> that ldap_initialize() wasn't made to default to version 3.  Lacking a 
> change to that, what should happen if you use one of these URIs without 
> setting the version to 3?

Another valid point.

Well, I've changed the default for the protocol_version in python-ldap
to VERSION3 and no-one ever complained...

> c) automatically change version, because confusing people is fun.

On some X.500 servers one can configure different charsets if LDAPv2 is

Ciao, Michael.