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Re: postalAddress matching rule

Kurt Zeilenga wrote:

An implementation can either publish the attribute description as specified (possibly with some additional names, extensions) or not. The description is otherwise immutable (per X.501).

Note that publication of a schema description only indicates that the implementation is aware of the description. It does not necessarily mean that the server implements any particular functionality (other than the ability to publish schema descriptions).

...still we disagree on that. If consequently applied this paradigm would render the subschema subentry completely unusable for the client. IMO the subschema subentry SHOULD reflect what is effective on the server's side. Otherwise a client cannot find out what to do by looking at the schema.

I've somewhat solved my problem by also looking whether the referenced EQUALITY matching rule (here caseIgnoreListMatch) is listed in subschema subentry's attribute 'matchingRules'. But taking your wording literally even this wouldn't be guaranteed.

Ciao, Michael.