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Re: commit: openldap-guide/admin replication.sdf

----- ghenry@OpenLDAP.org wrote:

> Update of /repo/OpenLDAP/pkg/openldap-guide/admin
> Modified Files:
> 	replication.sdf  1.62 -> 1.63
> Log Message:
> To do list review: small typo quick fix.

This means the following list I've just compiled whilst reviewing the current state of the admin guide and my own todos:

# OpenLDAP Test suite
    * Go through Samba stuff again
# OpenLDAP contrib scripts for generating LDIF etc.
# OpenLDAP Admin Guide - 
    * Intro
          o Tighten "LDAP vs RDBMS"
          o Check "What is slapd and what can it do?"
          o "Replicated Directory Service" - add MultiMaster picture.
    * "Configuring slapd" - check DIT layout is right
    * "The slapd Configuration File" - check backends are correct and in above
    * "Access Control" - Finish "Converting from slapd.conf(5) to a cn=config directory format"
    * Backends section to finish
    * Overlays section to finish
    * Maintenance section to finish
    * Monitoring section to finish
    * Tuning section to finish
    * More in Troubleshooting section
    * More in Upgrading from 2.3.x section
    * Check "Recommended OpenLDAP Software Dependency Versions" section
    * Do some "Real World OpenLDAP Deployments and Examples"
    * "OpenLDAP Software Contributions" to complete
    * "Configuration File Examples" to complete

Just e-mailing here for reference. If anyone sees any quick grabs they are interested in ;-)



Kind Regards,

Gavin Henry.
OpenLDAP Engineering Team.

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