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Re: back-bdb flaw

Howard Chu writes:
> There appears to be a long-standing problem with back-bdb and entries
> with more than BDB_IDL_DB_MAX immediate children. If the entryIDs of
> the children are non-contiguous, then attempts to delete the subtree
> of the entry will fail, because the IDL range for the OneLevel index
> in the dn2id DB will never zero out.

I'm not aware of a recursive delete LDAP control - do you mean "attempts
to delete the entry after having deleted the subtree"?  If so:

Is the problem only to (make it feasible to) detect this situation, or
also to act on it?  To detect it, I assume Delete before returning
notAllowedOnNonLeaf could search with scope onelevel/children, and see
if it finds any entires.