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Re: managing OpenLDAP / back-config

Michael Ströder wrote:
Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:

For similar reasons it'd help to have EQUALITY matching rules on all cn=config attributes.

The delta modification list generated by web2ldap does not contain
a del <old value> to avoid problems with missing EQUALITY matching rules. Instead the whole attribute is deleted and all attribute values are re-added.

Hmm, I'm currently rethinking this approach:
Since web2ldap and the delta-modification generator has full schema knowledge today I could look up whether there's an EQUALITY matching rule defined for a given attribute type and then explicitly delete certain attribute values like Hallvard suggested. But it only works if there's schema information available.

That's why I'm nagging all the time to add each and every attribute type used in back-config and other operational attributes to the schema.

I'd really like to make working this as robust as possible together with back-config.

Ciao, Michael.