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Re: Deleting overlays from cn=config

Howard Chu wrote:
Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
You also need to walk through the database and delete any attributes
object classes defined by the overlay.  That'll be at least any
operational attributes since they must be hardcoded into the C source.

I wouldn't bother with that, since the schema definitions are still present. Those attributes would simply stop being updated/generated...

Hmm, I'd consider this to be seriously flawed. It strikes me that there might still exist operational attributes in some entries which are no longer maintained by the DSA and there's no schema information available anymore.

Think of backup/restore situations where slapadd checks the schema...

I think that's wrong. When you remove an overlay, you should expect to lose all the functionality that the overlay provided.


If the overlay had locked an account, the lock will simply disappear
when the overlay is removed.

Which IMO means that also the attribute containing the lock (and all other attributes related to the removed overlay) should be removed.

Ciao, Michael.