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Re: problems compiling with glibc-2.8

Luca Scamoni ha scritto:
Howard Chu wrote:
Luca Scamoni wrote:
Thought I would just drop in a note on this...

There have been changes with glibc 2.8. Now struct ucred is ifdef'd

Maybe configure should detect if it's needed?

I suggest filing a bug with the glibc folks. struct ucred is not a GNU-specific extension, it's a standard structure in Unix. I don't see how it qualifies for hiding with _GNU_SOURCE.
Done. Bug libc/6545

I'll keep you up to date
Sadly the bug has been reported to the same "friendly" guy at redhat that we learned to know thanks to Ralf and his bug on getaddrinfo.
So the answer has been more or less on the same line: "this is not a bug. go and fix your app"
My knowledge is not deep enough on this subject to discuss with him (supposing that: i) there is something to discuss; ii) it's worth to discuss with someone that simply denies to offer any explanation of any kind)
Anyone wants to step in?

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