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Re: non-unix help needed: valid filename characters?

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
I wrote:
ldap_config.h just tests for _WIN32 and defines LDAP_DIRSEP. There is
no reason to do anything beyond that. Cygwin does its own machinations
already and we don't know or care what they are.
So MingW and Cygwin translate filenames with "forbidden characters"
like \ to something which works on Windows?

Sorry, getting tired... I presume this falls under your previous reply, "Building OpenLDAP as a Cygwin app is not recommended and I see no reason to make any special effort to support it."

It'd be easier if I knew Windows so I knew something about what I was
talking about...

MinGW is only a programming toolkit that exposes the Win32 API to the GNU toolchain. As such, any code you develop with MinGW is a plain old native Win32 app; there are no special "MinGW" APIs.

Cygwin is a DLL that emulates Unix system calls, plus an environment built around that DLL. The emulation layer it provides has a pretty high resource cost, and Cygwin apps cannot easily be manipulated using regular Windows tools. Performance-wise I've found developing in Cygwin to be at least 3x slower than with native Windows, and as such I avoid it as much as possible.

There's also MSYS, which is a programming environment (forked from an old version of Cygwin) aimed at enabling MinGW development using standard Unix shells and tools. This is what I use for working on Win32 OpenLDAP.
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