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Re: OpenLDAP Overlay API

On Wed, 09 Apr 2008 13:44:20 +0200
micky <mouze@gmx.de> wrote:

> Hello,
> exists a OpenLDAP API Documentation to develop a Overlay (like
> smbk5pwd)?
> We just started to explore the source-code (smbk5pwd.c), but we
> noticed that
> the struct's and function syntax aren't easy to unterstand - We need
> a description.
> Like the smbk5pwd module, we want to develop a analog module for
> Asterisk.

You do have to get into knowing the structures and functions, there's
no way around it, and you'll most likely do it by reading source code.

A good thing to know is that all files (except one include file) are
somewhere in servers/slapd/, and grouped into sistematically
named source files.

I.e. all functions related to DNs are in dn.c, functions related to
entries in entry.c, to attributes in attr.c and so on.

Take time to read them.

More or less good existing overlays to start with and get the grip are
collect, dynlist, dyngroup and addpartial. (addpartial in contrib/).

You can also take a look at my default values overlay which is heavily
commented to help newcomers. It also includes a patch you can imitate to
integrate the overlay into the build system properly. (The stuff in
contrib/ - such as smbk5pwd - does not have usable Makefiles).


See ya,