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Re: slapo-dynlist improvement

Gavin Henry <ghenry@OpenLDAP.org> wrote:

> dynlist-attrset groupOfURLs memberURL foo
> and miss out foo from:
> memberURL: ldap:///o=home??sub?(objectClass=fooClass)
> See the man page:
> "In this case, the <attrs> portion of the URI must be absent,and the 
> DNs of all the entries resulting from the expansion of the URI are 
> listed as values of this attribute."

You get the DN of the returned entries in foo, not the values of the

I'll try to give a more complete example. I have this:
dn: cn=buz1,o=home
objectClass: fooClass
cn: buz1
foo: value1

dn: cn=buz2,o=home
objectClass: fooClass
cn: buz2
foo: value2

dn: cn=buz3,o=home
objectClass: fooClass
cn: buz3
foo: value3

dn: cn=list,o=home
objectClass: groupOfURLs
cn: list
memberURL: ldap:///o=home?foo?sub?(objectClass=fooClass)

When looking up cn=list,o=home, I would like to have the foo attribute
values listed as bar attributes:
dn: cn=list,o=home
objectClass: groupOfURLs
cn: list
bar: value1
bar: value2
bar: value3

If I configure as you suggest
dynlist-attrset groupOfURLs memberURL foo

I'll get this:
dn: cn=list,o=home
objectClass: groupOfURLs
cn: list
bar: cn=buz1,o=home
bar: cn=buz2,o=home
bar: cn=buz3,o=home

Emmanuel Dreyfus