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Re: OpenLDAP Developer's Day - Dublin 2008 (early call for participation)

Howard Chu wrote:
The OpenLDAP Project is tentatively planning on hosting
a developers' day conference in Dublin, Ireland in late July / early August (most likely weekend of August 2-3, and August 4).

Excellent! Would be good to firm these up, but I'm in either way.

Those interested in speaking at the conference are encouraged to contact <project@openldap.org> with a specific proposal (title, abstract, duration). Discounts will be available to speakers.

I'm on a learning trip ;-) What kind of audience usually goes along to these, as this will be my first one? Maybe there's scope for a more general talk?

At the moment it's been suggested that we conduct two
events - an ODD conference with presentations as we've done
in the past, and also a code-sprint where we all grind thru
a bunch of code together.

Feel free to email me with suggestions.

I'd like to have a small session on the current docs i.e. if I'm on the right track or starting to go too "general" etc.?