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Re: SummerOfCode suggestions

Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote:

> I recall we had a few ideas last year, but they came up a bit late. Anyone
> still have some wish list items for this year?

External command execution overlay: it would enable calling
fork()/execve() for a set of (operation, baseDN, pré-condition,
post-condition). execve argument would allow substitution for various
input: %{dn}, %{uid}, and so on.

For now this can be acheived by setting up an accesslog overlay on a
shell backend and having a program filtering the produced LDIF, but it
is rather suboptimal, and everyone has to reinvent the wheel for the
LDIF filtering.

I use it to allocate UID and GID automatically when a user is created,
and to setup homes and quotas on machines that need it.

Emmanuel Dreyfus