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Re: SummerOfCode suggestions

Howard Chu wrote:
I recall we had a few ideas last year, but they came up a bit late. Anyone
still have some wish list items for this year?

I think it would be feasible for a student to develop a back-tdb backend. The basic backend functionality could be copied from back-hdb and the caching layers could be omitted, which would leave the code pretty straightforward. Since back-tdb is primarily an in-memory database it wouldn't be much of a performance issue, and it would get us something easy to configure for the very common, less demanding deployments.

Another possibility which I started discussing with Tridge is to modify the tdb code to always mmap to a fixed address space. In that case we could store Entry objects directly, with all pointers intact, which would eliminate the need for a deserialization step on Reads. Then the need for entry caching would be completely eliminated as well.
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