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Re: test050 failures

<quote who="Howard Chu">
> Luca Scamoni wrote:
>> I'm seeing random failures with test050 and current HEAD.
>> this time I saved the testrun dirs.
>> There seem to be two different kind of failures:
>> - one kind can simply be related to uncomplete synch between the
>> different instances of slapd (database differs);
>> - the other one worries me more:
> Seems like server3 never received the config entries for
> dc=example,dc=com. I
> haven't been able to reproduce this issue. I suppose this indicates a race
> condition somewhere in the initial refresh. What kind of system are you
> testing on? Can you try inserting a "sleep 3" at around line 277 of
> test050,
> right before "Adding schema and databases"...

That worked for me. I'm just building HEAD so I can test soem changes to