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Re: icu -- is it the "recommended" OpenLDAP unicode implementation?

Xin LI wrote:
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I'd like to get an inquiry about the state of OpenLDAP's unicode
implementation.  Recently there is some reports that the FreeBSD port of
OpenLDAP 2.4.x will pick up icu automatically if it is installed,
according to the configure script, it seems that there is no way to
disable this behavior (i.e. by --disable-icu or something similar), so
it seems that a patch will be necessary if the user does not want to use

So my question is that, is it recommended to use icu?  I am thinking
about making icu an mandatory dependency of the port, but I guess it
would be good to ask the developers before making such changes :)

Nothing in the current code base actually uses icu. That configure check was added in anticipation of future work. It's safe to ignore it for now.

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