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Re: Overlay question

luca regini wrote:
> Is it possible for an overlay to detect the type of the underlying backend?

Yes: inspect


it's a string containing the name of the original backend type.

> In the case the answer is affermative and the backend is a bdb   is it
> possible to programmatically force the bdb to save an entry created at
> runtime?

Yes: cook an Operation structure with data appropriate for a

	BackendDB db = *op->o_bd;
	Operation op2 = *op;
	SlapReply rs2;

	op2.o_bd = &db;
		= ((slap_overinst*)op->o_bd->bd_info)->on_info->oi_orig

and call

	op2.o_bd->be_add( &op2, &rs2 );

There's plenty of examples in overlays released with OpenLDAP software.


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