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Re: When should backends send results?

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
With back-relay to back-ldif/back-null, Password Modify fails with
"operation not supported within naming context".  However it works
with back-ldif without back-relay, and with back-relay to back-bdb.

The difference is that back-relay:relay_back_op_extended() does
	send_ldap_error( op, rs, LDAP_UNWILLING_TO_PERFORM,
			"operation not supported within naming context" );
	return 1;
while back-bdb:bdb_extended() does
	rs->sr_text = "not supported within naming context";
and back-ldif/back-null have no be_extended.

It works with back-relay if I change relay_back_op_extended() to do the
same as back-bdb.

back-relay is wrong. exop handlers can only return a result code, the frontend sends the result to the client.

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