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Re: back-ldif tests

Howard Chu writes:
> Certain  subtrees  of  the  glue  data are  ordered  specifically.  It
> reflects the order in which the glue code walks the tree, and using
> -S would prevent the verification of this ordering.

Ouch.  Looks like a lot of work to edit the data for test011 and test12
so it gets sorted.  Changes would cascade to a lot of tests.  Maybe for
test029 too, I haven't looked too carefully.

So the best I can think of for now is to sort the data anyway when
testing back-ldif, so it at least gets some verification.  I can give
tests/scripts/acfilter.sh parameters '-S backend,backend,...' which
means to sort the input when using those backends.  If perl is available
it can sort by record, otherwise it'll just have to sort by lines.