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Re: OpenLDAP memberof plugin and Samba4

Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> This seems to work.

Good; making progress, then, aren't we?

> I've found some more challenges (such as, should a
> rename onto an entry's own DN work),

You mean

dn: cn=Foo,dc=example,dc=com
changetype: modrdn
newrdn: cn=Foo
deleteoldrdn: 1


> but I'll try and work on that next
> week.  (I suspect this is an area where I can write a module to cause
> that to be a no-op, rather than ask for changes in OpenLDAP). 

I note this is not directly related to slapo-memberof(5), but rather
handled by the underlying backend.  RFC 4511 states that a modify DN
operation must fail with the entryAlreadyExists result code if there was
already an entry with that name.  However, a broad interpretation would
recognize that such a modify DN operation is going to be a no-op and
simply ignore it.  The specific case doesn't seem to be explicitly dealt
with in RFC 4511.


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