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Re: old bugs

Howard Chu wrote:
> ITS#4467 seems to have gone nowhere. Whether or not any patches have
> been committed for it isn't obvious because it hasn't been updated since
> it was submitted. There's no evidence that this ITS has any impact.

I'm (very slowly) working at it.  I also believe it has no impact right
now, it's mostly a matter of good programming.  I'll commit what I've
done so far (mainly, a lutil_snprintf() that should be used consistently
throughout the code instead of snprintf(), and sprintf()!).  But right
now it's not used in many places, yet.  That's why I didn't commit
anything yet.

> Either it's been fixed, or it's not a problem.
> #4591 seems to have aged a bit too.

I haven't addressed this yet mainly because I've no clue about how to
proceed.  Since back-meta potentially collects several search responses,
and only in some cases aborts when one is received, it might need to
merge several response controls, and this could be tricky because they
might be incompatible or so.  I'd let the ITS there to note this design
issue in back-meta.  If distributed operations were in place, probably
there would be a means to indicate that multiple sets of controls were
responded, and propagate this information to distributed operation-aware
clients, but the issue of returning something useful without assuming
too much on the capabilities of clients would remain.


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