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Re: 'monitoring disabled' message

[Rearranging message]

Pierangelo Masarati writes:
> I think the informative warning is issued to inform the administrator of
> the opportunity is missing.  In a GUI-based system this would probably
> qualify as a "tip-of-the-day" rather than a warning...

Probably most OpenLDAP admins are missing a whole lot of opportunities.
I don't see why this one is more important than others.  So my
preference would be to delete the message or put it in a loglevel which
is off by default.  (Or add a lot more such messages, enough to warrant
a loglevel for them which could be on by default.)

> Back-monitor allows the programmatical addition of custom monitoring
> information.  Back-bdb and back-hdb by default add specific monitoring
> information, mostly related to cache usage and missing indexing
> searches, unless disabled by "monitor FALSE" (or something like that).
> So, by default, when back-bdb is in use monitoring should be available
> ("database monitor").

Aha... yes, slapd.conf(5) says "monitoring on | off".
And the keyword 'monitoring off' also shut the message up.

So the message is sort of inverted:
 bdb_monitor_db_open: monitoring disabled; configure monitor database to enable
Monitoring is enabled, it's the monitor database which is disabled.

If we keep the message, this is as close as I can get a one-liner to
match the config keywords (with <backend> = "hdb" or "bdb":
  "<backend> monitoring on, but no 'database monitor' configured to receive it"

Put that way though, this is more of a message that slapd is doing
something inefficiently (which the user did not ask for), and would be
better solved with an internal variable which tells the backends if the
monitor backend is enabled.

In any case, slapo-monitor(5) should refer to the 'monitoring on|off'
keyword in slapd.conf(5) and vice versa.