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Re: Please test RE_24

Aaron Richton wrote:
What OS and compiler version? Can you rule out hardware errors here? Compiler
optimization bugs? This trace shows an actual SEGV in back-ldap, whereas your
previous testrun directory doesn't show any faults.

Solaris 9, Sun Studio 12, fully patched. I don't optimize OpenLDAP. CFLAGS="-g -xs -KPIC -xarch=v9". It's the same hardware I've been using for OpenLDAP testing for years. (Obviously compilers/patch levels/etc. change over time, but still...). And I have had other segv's with this checkout, e.g. earlier:

I had one core dump overnight, but I couldn't reproduce it under a
memory debugger, so I just decided to run the whole suite again.

2.3.39 tested clean on the same box on Nov 8, 2.3.38 worked on Oct 5, 2.3.37 worked on Jul 30, RE24 (prior to 2.4.6) worked on October 23, etc...

I was thinking about this -- watchmalloc dying in a mutex unlock. Is there
a chance that it's unlocking something it doesn't really hold? I vaguely
remember this being a "feature" of Sun's implementation, but it's been a

I don't think that results in a SEGV though.
Also, there were no changes to back-ldap between 2.4.6 and current RE24. There were no changes to back-ldap between October 23 2007 and now. So to get a SEGV here now implies that something outside the OpenLDAP source has changed.

Any problem in back-bdb should have turned up in test008 first.

Fair enough. I'll try stressing test008.

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