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Re: Empty DN ("") String Value?

Jon Roberts wrote:
Since there is a no-argument constructor DN(), perhaps the original
thinking was that null and the rootDSE "" are synonymous. On the other
hand, the existence of this constructor makes as much sense to me as the
redundant addRDN() and addRDNToFront() methods (ie. none at all). I
suppose *somebody* may want to build a DN instance iteratively, but I
would consider it easier to do so concatenating strings for submission
to the more relevant constructor with argument.

Sounds like someone was making a (perhaps futile) stab at instilling the concept that DNs are honest-to-god sequences of structured data. A good goal, at least.

This exercise in software archeology underscores a major reason I think
JLDAP is latent: a lot of cruft but nobody of original authorship to
explain or clean it up. As for the rest of us, if nobody touches it
nobody breaks it, so there it sits. My 2c.

Keep putting in your 2c. It obviously needs more feedback from more people with real operational experience using it.
-- Howard Chu
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