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Playing with MMR in HEAD

Hi All,

I'm playing with test050, i.e. running it, copying con directory to con2
and then starting the original provider and consumer up. Then starting up
con2 on ldap://:9013/

All fine, then I go about adding a new syncrepl on cn=config and
dc=example,dc=com pointing to ldap://:9013/

I'm not using LDIF, just messing with JXplorer.

Everything worked ok, with a couple of crashes at the point I added a new
syncrepl on con2 point to itself.

Both pro and con died with:

lt-slapd: attr.c:481: attr_merge: Assertion `( nvals == ((void *)0) &&
(*a)->a_nvals == (*a)->a_vals ) || ( nvals != ((void *)0) && ( (
(*a)->a_vals == ((void *)0) && (*a)->a_nvals == ((void *)0) ) || (
(*a)->a_nvals != (*a)->a_vals ) ) )' failed.

I guess I should pay attention more to the order in test050 and timing.

Lastly, how do we define test050 to be a multimaster test when there are
only two instances of slapd?

Is it because we have 2 sycnrepl on cn=config and then another two on the
bdb backends? I thought a test for this would include at least 3 running
slapd instances?



Kind Regards,

Gavin Henry.
Managing Director.

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