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Re: A. Changes Since Previous Release

> Dear all,
> I think this is now almost complete (at least until 2.4 final):
>    http://suretec.org/our_docs/index.html
>    http://suretec.org/our_docs/appendix-changes.html
> The "New Features and Enhancements in 2.4" section is mainly Howard, Andos
> and Quanahs words re-worked. I hope you approve. Feedback welcome.

Good Job.  A last minute note also from myself, also:

in A.2.10. New features in existing Overlays

    * slapo-pcache allows cache inspection/maintenance/hot restart

This could be expanded into:

inspection/maintenance: the cache database can be directly accessed via
LDAP by adding a specific control to each LDAP request; a specific
extended operation allows to consistently remove cached entries and entire
cached queries.

hot restart: cached queries are saved on disk at shutdown, and reloaded if
not expired yet at subsequent restart.

Cheers, p.

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