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Re: A. Changes Since Previous Release

Gavin Henry wrote:
Dear all,

I think this is now almost complete (at least until 2.4 final):


The "New Features and Enhancements in 2.4" section is mainly Howard, Andos
and Quanahs words re-worked. I hope you approve. Feedback welcome.

You might want to link to this section (when released on openldap.org)
when announcing 2.4.5 beta and also mention that the docs are a work in
progress, but will be complete for the final release of 2.4

I suppose we could also mention back-ldbm in A.3 "Obsolete Features". -- -- Howard Chu Chief Architect, Symas Corp. http://www.symas.com Director, Highland Sun http://highlandsun.com/hyc/ Chief Architect, OpenLDAP http://www.openldap.org/project/