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Re: Ignoring no-ops changes?

Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
> Hi
> If I send a MOD operation that will replace an attribute by its same
> previous values, the directory content is not affected.

The contents seems to be unaffected, but the modification takes place
anyway.  So, from a directory point of view, it is a modification.  I
think this behavior is correct.

> Despite this, a
> change is recoreded by slapo-accesslog, slapo-auditlog, and various
> operational attributes.

Because a change took place.

> Is there a way to cause no-ops like this to be just ignored? Fixing the
> client software is not always an available option...

Yes: you could add a layer (an overlay) that checks modifications before
they are dealt with by a database, and simply ignores those that are
already present.  In practice, you move downstream the check that should
have occurred at the client.  I think this overlay would be very simple
and could be of general use, given the number of relatively "dumb"
clients 'round.



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