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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd/overlays dyngroup.c

Howard Chu wrote:

>> A dgPolicy flag could determine what behavior, in case of no compliance
>> with policy, should be taken: either (a) or (b), or none.
> dgAuthz seems like overkill. If the user has read/search privs on the
> group entry, that ought to be sufficient.

I disagree: by running an internal operation with dgIdentity, and
returning the results of that operation, you'd break the security model
of OpenLDAP.  In fact, a dynamic group can unveal data that would
otherwise be inaccessible to a user.  In fact, only running the search
with the user's identity guarantees the security model is not broken,
but dgAuthz, at least, gives some granularity.  This doesn't break
either backwards compatibility nor draft-haripriya-dynamicgroup: those
who want to stick with it only have to ignore dgAuthz.


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