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Re: Guide PDF changes

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
> Kari Mattsson writes:
>> 	I've had some success by creating hybrid paper size of A4 width
>> 	(210 mm), and Letter height (some inches). That is, take the
>> 	smaller values of both. That way the printers (atleast some)
>> 	seem to be happier. Most new printers seem to be able to scale
>> 	between A4 and Letter.
> Looking around, I found even an RFC which recommends that.  RFC 2346
> ("Making Postscript and PDF International"): Use A4 with 33mm top/bottom
> margins, or Letter with 21(?)mm left, 26mm right margin.  (His advise is
> not quite consistent.)  So it looks like the sizes are the only problem,
> not paper size names or whatever in addition.

I'd also recommend that.

> 'make A4' and 'make letter' would be another variant (or some extra
> Makefile lines).

I'd prefer that the guide has the same page layout whereever printed
because sometimes people are referring to pages of printed documents
(instead of referring to sections).

Ciao, Michael.